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New training: Well-being, self-care and worker sustainability

New training: Well-being, self-care and worker sustainability

Well-being, self-care and worker sustainability is essential training for Family Violence Specialists, Team Leaders and Managers, or anyone who works with family violence clients.

This one day training from DVRCV considers the needs of a sector that is experiencing unprecedented demand and rapid change and has been designed for Specialist Family Violence Practitioners in direct work and the Team Leaders and Practice Leads who support them. The training offers an opportunity to develop practical strategies and tools to assist with preserving 'self', while continuing to do complex and demanding work.

The day will cover the following topics:

  • Critiquing and reframing concepts of ‘self-care’, ‘worker burn-out’, and ‘compassion fatigue’.
  • Transformative nature of aligning values to the work you do to create meaning
  • Strategies for locating yourself within a broader system for change
  • How to manage the pace of change, the reforms and their impact on individual workloads
  • Develop a holistic tool to build a plan for well-being and sustainability
  • Utilising a feminist and trauma informed framework to understand the impact of the work
  • Strategies for professional and personal empowerment through the work
  • Importance of a mutual approach between worker and agency to enable support.

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