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What is the Integrated Family Violence Sector?

What is the Integrated Family Violence Sector?

What is the Integrated Family Violence Sector?

Since 2006, the Victorian Government has worked to achieve an integrated service system in which specialist domestic and family violence services and other community and statutory service providers (including Victoria Police and Victorian Magistrates’ Courts) work together to improve the safety of women and children who experience violence. 

The principles that underpin the integrated response system include a shared understanding of domestic and family violence across all services, prioritising the safety of those who experience violence, and a proactive approach to information sharing.

There is an expectation that each service provider in an integrated system will work to develop and maintain policies and processes for working collaboratively with their partners in their local area to improve outcomes for women and children. Statewide, and area-based family violence committees bring the partner agencies together on a regular basis to plan and monitor these efforts.

The integrated family violence response is driven and monitored at a local level by local Family Violence Regional Integration Committees, groups of services that work with family violence and meet regularly to identify issues and potential improvements in the system’s response to women, children and men.

The Family Violence Regional Integration Committees are assisted to progress integration across sectors and within the FV specialist services by the Regional Integration Coordinator (RIC) in each region. The local Committees feed information to regional and state-wide committees who monitor and work to improve the system response across Victoria. 

A key factor that underpins the IFVS is the Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework, commonly known as the Common Risk Assessment Framework or CRAF. CRAF is a training program that aims to help practitioners and professionals identify and respond appropriately to risk factors associated with family violence. For more information, visit the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV) CRAF webpage.

CRAF will soon be available as an online training program, known as eCRAF, which you can access from The Lookout. Check back in regularly or sign up here to receive our updates.