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Regional Integration Coordinators (RICs)

Regional Integration Coordinators (RICs)

Regional Integration Coordinators (RICs)

A vital part of the Integrated Family Violence System (IFVS) has been the establishment of Family Violence Regional Integration Coordinators (RICs).

The role of the RICs is to develop and support partnerships between regional family violence services (women, children and men’s services) and other key sectors and services, such as Child FIRST/Family Services, child protection, mental health services, homelessness services, housing services, Courts, Police and Indigenous Family Violence Regional Action Groups.

RICs also convene local Family Violence Regional Integration Committees, groups of services that work with family violence and meet regularly to identify issues and potential improvements in the system’s response to women, children and men. The local Committees feed information to regional and state-wide committees who monitor and work to improve the system response across Victoria.

For more information about the RICs and regional committees, see below for contact details and (where available) websites for each region.




Phone number

Regional website


Elaine Williams email

(03) 5278 8122


Loddon Campaspe

Carolyn Neilson email

(03) 5430 3000



Metaxia Tsoukatos email 

Norm Tink email

(03) 5022 5417

(03) 5025 5427



Ovens Murray

Tammy Smith email

(03) 5722 3009

Hume Region Family Violence 

Western District

Position vacant (Wimmera) interim email                        

Sarah Drylie (South West) email

(03) 5358 7400


(03) 5500 5490


Central Highlands

Sue Clout email

(03) 5337 3333



Kerry Hamer email

(03) 5143 1600

Gippsland Women's Health - Family Violence

North Metro

Sarah Johnson email

(03) 9484 1666

Northern Integrated Family Violence Services

Western Metro

Maureen Smith email

(03) 9689 9588

Western Integrated Family Violence Committee

Eastern Metro

Jelena Djurdjevic email

(03) 9259 4200

Eastern Family Violence Partnership

Bayside Peninsula

Rosemary Burrell email

(03) 9521 5666

Ask Someone

Southern Melbourne (South East)

Linda Watson email

(03) 9791 6111

Ask Someone