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Identifying & managing risk

Identifying & managing risk

Identifying & managing risk

Family violence is a pervasive problem in Australia that has serious impacts on victim survivors’ physical, mental and emotional health. On average, one woman is murdered every week in Australia by a partner or an ex-partner.

As a new specialist family violence practitioner, it is vital that you build your skills in conducting comprehensive family violence risk assessments. You will also need to learn how to identify and manage risk, plan for your client’s safety and hold perpetrators in view and accountable.

What is "MARAM"? 

In Victoria, the legislation used to ensure all workers across the response system are effectively and consistently identifying, assessing and managing family violence risk is called the Family Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) framework.

As a new family violence worker, you can access the MARAM Comprehensive Training offered through the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria. This 2-day training will not only provide you with a strong understanding of the MARAM framework, but also an opportunity to build and practice skills in identifying, assessing and managing family violence risk. 

In the meantime, you can find more information and resources about family violence risk assessment and management on the Victorian Government website.

Training opportunities 

The best way to build your knowledge and skills in responding to family violence is through investing in the right training. 

If you're interested in online training to build your foundational knowledge of responding to family violence, or a range of quality face-to-face family violence response training, see the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria's training website.