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A workplace culture of learning

A workplace culture of learning

A workplace culture of learning

These guidelines have been developed in the context of the Victorian Government’s investment in the family violence workforce, which includes investment in initiatives that support a workplace culture of learning.  

The value of creating a workplace culture that supports learning is well established. It keeps students, new workers and all staff engaged in the work of the agency and provides the agility to adjust to change, grow and develop. The two key elements of a productive learning culture are access to resources to develop relevant knowledge and opportunities to practice skills in a supported environment. 

The elements for establishing a workplace culture of learning include: 

  • An organisational culture that values learning, where there is a whole-of-organisation commitment to the mutual benefits of workplace education
  • Goals for best practice reflect a commitment to quality of care and continuous quality improvement;
  • A welcoming and positive learning environment where learners and new staff receive a comprehensive orientation to the work of the agency and are included in activity 
  • An effective organisation-education provider relationship that is a collaborative arrangement that draws on complementary skills, experience, resources and expertise
  • Appropriate resources and facilities to enhance learning, with access to the resources and materials needed to optimise the workplace education experience (Drawn from BPCLE Framework).

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