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Risk assessment & management

Risk assessment & management

Risk assessment & management

As a specialist family violence practitioner, it’s vital that you are able to undertake comprehensive family violence risk assessments to ascertain the risk of serious harm or death for your clients and to develop strategies to reduce any risk and promote safety.

Responding to family violence risk requires the support of multiple services and as specialist family violence practitioners it is important that you understand your specific role in relation to assessment of victims and responses to perpetrators within an integrated service system.  

In Victoria, the Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) is used to support consistent, evidence-based practice when undertaking family violence risk assessment. The CRAF provides practice guidance on how to effectively and appropriately respond to family violence while maintaining the safety of both the client and the worker.

In 2016, Risk Assessment and Management Panels (RAMPs) were established across Victoria. There are 17 RAMPs that each meet once a month to share information related to risk management to keep women and children at the highest risk from family violence safe. 

Specialist family violence practitioners can refer a woman to a RAMP if she is at serious and imminent risk and requires a coordinated action plan to lessen or prevent the threat to her (and her children’s) life, health, safety or welfare. RAMPs are not a substitute for existing system and current case management or coordination practice. They work to enhance the response to this highest risk group.